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Investor in Students

providing a 360º assessment of the success of your student experience

Long gone are the days of dingy digs and long queues for the bathroom. The rise and success of purpose-built student accommodation has truly revolutionised the average student experience.

However, as the sector matures and more competition enters, great quality interior finish alone is struggling to give enough “stand-out”.

It’s never been more important to ensure you’re measuring customer experience, and we have the answer.

our unique approach

We are the only provider to give you a complete 360º view of the success of your student experience.

We measure the sentiment across your student customers, your front-line staff and your senior management team to shine a light on the two most important areas of your business – customer experience and employee engagement.

We’ll identify what drives success and what is holding you back, enabling you to make highly focused, high-impact, customer-led change.


University of Birmingham

What excites me the most about Investors in Students is it allows us to make highly focused, insight lead decisions. It has become more important than ever to measure true customer experience rather than the performance of our buildings, IIS brought us immediate clarity on what was needed.

Einita Suman, Director of Accommodation & Operations. 

University of Sheffield

We have come to realise how vital it is that our customer experience is consistent, and that our employees work together and share information effectively. The granular level of information IIS gave us enabled us to make very detailed, immediate improvements to the design of our experience for different student types.

Ian Jones, Head of Accommodation

Home for Students

We are excited to be part of IIS, the access to a wider membership will see a sharing of ideas and best practice that can only benefits students. We pride ourselves in striving to constantly improve, and Investors in Students puts an end to reviewing the process and instead focusing on meaningful outcomes.

Chris Cater, Head of Partnerships


All our Members are provided with a detailed analysis of the results, along with a 12-month action plan designed to either consolidate your position or highlight the optimisations required to improve the following year.
There is no limit to the level of segmentation and each approach is built bespoke for your needs.

Based on the aggregated score, members are awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Investor in Students accreditation, helping you promote trust and reassurance in your brand.


Celebrate the role student accommodation plays in providing a positive student experience

Increase the visibility, participation and investment in the student experience

Provide a transparent and benchmarked industry award for creating successful student outcomes


We work with university Campus Service departments and PBSA operators to design and deliver full journey strategies that optimise the way you find, acquire and delight students and measure your success.

With over 15 years experience of designing and delivering effective communication strategies, WAU are the only marketing agency who truly understand the challenges faced by funders, developers and operators of student accommodation.

Let’s Start Something new

We still have space for a few more members to take part in Investor in Students for the 2021/22 academic cycle. Spaces are filling fast so if you want to take a new approach to measuring your success you need to act fast.

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