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Investor in Students

providing a 360º assessment of the success of your student experience

Long gone are the days of dingy digs and long queues for the bathroom. The rise and success of purpose-built student accommodation has truly revolutionised the average student experience.

However, as the sector matures and more competition enters, great quality interior finish alone is struggling to give enough “stand-out”.

It’s never been more important to ensure you’re measuring customer experience, and we have the answer.

our unique approach

We are the only provider to give you a complete 360º view of the success of your student experience.

We measure the sentiment across your student customers, your front-line staff and your senior management team to shine a light on the two most important areas of your business – customer experience and employee engagement.

We’ll identify what drives success and what is holding you back, enabling you to make highly focused, high-impact, customer-led change.


Investor in Students Insights | Issue 2

Investor in Students Insights | Issue 1

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In the second of our insight reports, Balancing Budget & Bliss we explore:

  • What is really driving the perceptions of value for money for student accommodation?
  • Why are international students having a better time in accommodation compared to their UK counterparts?
  • What drives a better experience – good facilities or good staff?
  • How can we improve the non-cisgender experience in student accommodation?

With over 20,000 student responses, we do a deep dive into some of the key trends within student accommodation.


Recognition with a leading and unique market accreditation.

Increased visibility, participation and investment in student experience.

A data and insight focussed action plan that enables you to unlock funding to improve student experience.

Full visibility of where your results compare with the wider HE accommodation market.

Share market leading insight with other members on how to deliver successful student experiences.

University of Birmingham

Investor in Students has shifted internal perceptions and bought a great deal of positive change. We’ve reviewed and changed how we market our available stock, mobilised investment to establish an Active Res programme, bought in new services and undergone a branding facelift. All things which without that clear voice of the student to support our priorities may have gone unchanged.

Einita Suman, Director of Operations and Accommodation

The University of Sheffield

“It is about the novelty of the approach and the power of the results. Investor in Students throws emphasis on what we all say we want to do, which is to have students be at the heart of it. This is the only product out there which actually does that directly, certainly in this country, on scale. The value is it’s a very clear take, quickly done and easy to do from the student point of view. We’ve got what we wanted out of it, it’s been very usable, and we’ve been really impressed by how responsive and supportive WAU have been.

Ian Jones, Deputy Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services

Homes for Students

“Investor in Students is the future. It puts the emphasis in the right place. As the name says, Investor in Students, we want to invest in students, in our residents, in our buildings, we want to make sure they have the best available experience while they’re with us. I think by giving students a voice on a succinct, but comprehensive survey allows us to listen to what they’ve got to say and allows us to change, develop, improve, and keep improving. An IIS accreditation demonstrates our commitment to student wellbeing and provides prospective residents with a degree of clarity on the brand behind the building.

David Chadderton, Marketing Director


Based on the aggregated score across all groups and segmentation, members are awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Investor in Students accreditation.

We also provide Members with a detailed analysis of their results, access to our bi-annual benchmarking report, along with a 12 month action plan designed to either consolidate your position, or highlight the optimisations required to improve the following year.

Let’s Start Something new

We still have space for a few more members to take part in Investor in Students for the 2023/24 academic cycle, but spaces are filling fast so if you want to take a new approach to measuring your success you need to act now!


We work with university Campus Service departments and PBSA operators to design and deliver full journey strategies that optimise the way you find, acquire and delight students and measure your success.

With over 15 years experience of designing and delivering effective communication strategies, WAU are the only marketing agency who truly understand the challenges faced by funders, developers and operators of student accommodation.